Innovative process to reduce Food safety contaminants (3MCPDS & GE) in Vegetable oil refining breakthrough technology at lowest CAPEX & OPEX without compromising on Plant throughout with least environmental effect.

Application Note for Chlorine Extractor to reduce 3MCPDE in Palm Oil

Sumwin Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd exists to offer sustainable products & services using our insights that are embedded with technological innovation to deliver outstanding value propositions to the Global Food, Feed, Oleo-chemicals & Renewable Energy Sectors.

Sumwin stands out from many other technology providers as our solutions are designed from a “Practitioner’s” perspective incorporating latest technologies with a motto to deliver outstanding solutions with low CAPEX, low OPEX and maximum return on investment. Our Value Proposition is MORE FOR LESS.

This application note is related with the chlorine extraction from CPO to reduce the 3MCPDE in the RBDPO below 2.5 ppm as per EFSA requirements. Our innovative technology has been commercialized on a 1500 TPD Plant with 3MCPDE levels in RBDPO below 1.25 although we only guaranteed less than 2 ppm. The main equipment consists of our proprietary design of chlorine extractor, feed oil pumps, water feed pumps, waste-water removal pumps, CPO transfer pumps, intermediate tanks, heat exchangers, flow meters, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, MCC panel, PLC panel, SCADA system etc. The actual configuration of each plant will vary based on site specific operating conditions and layout. Please contact us to survey your plant to submit a site- specific proposal

Key Advantage of this extraction system as compared to alternate technologies are:

  1. Continuous online system without any rotating parts and drop in the feed oil flow rate.

  2. Low CAPEX.

  3. Low OPEX.

  4. Low Maintenance Cost with least down time.

  5. Oil loss in wash water guaranteed at less than 0.1% (commercial plant results show Nil)

  6. 3MCPDE in RBDPO guaranteed below 2 ppm (commercial plant results show <1.25 ppm)

  7. This system can be integrated seamlessly in any existing refinery or Mill operations with least modifications.

Please contact us to survey your plant to submit a site-specific proposal.